Frequently Asked Questions

Is frozen food healthy?
Frozen food when made and stored correctly is one of the safest and most convenient products globally.

Does freezing reduce the nutritional value?
Freezing preserves the nutrients and qualities of a product without the use of preservatives and chemicals

Is frozen food actually safe to eat after 6-12 months?
We put all our products thru rigorous testing that includes micro biological and sensory testing with NABIL accredited labs

Does freezing affect the flavor/taste?
No it does not at all.

Are there instructions on how to thaw/cook the food?
You will find them on the reverse of the pack.  These are guidelines and we encourage you to use your creative skills and experiment.  Feel free to mail us any suggestions, tips and ideas.

Can I refreeze food that has been defrosted?
It is always better not to refreeze food once defrosted.  Most of our products are devised in such a way you can take out individual pieces from the packing and to use

Does freezing compromise the quality?
Freezing when done correctly maintains the quality of the product

How long will it take to get my order?
We have various delivery slots and based on when you have ordered the product will be delivered to you.  Please refer to our website for further information

Can I return my product?
Due to the nature of the product and perishability we do not have a return policy.  For further details of this policy please refer to our refund policy on our website.

What payment methods do you accept?
All major Credit cards

I have placed my order but have not received confirmation
You will have received an order number while placing the order.  If your card has not been charged the order did not go thru

I would like to cancel my order
Orders once placed cannot be cancelled.

I would like to add to my order
Please place a fresh order and in the comments as ask us to combine the orders.  We will try our best to do so where possible

Can I re freeze the product once thawed

What are you delivery timings.
Monday to Saturday 11 am to 6 pm

How soon will I get my order
Please refer to our delivery times

Do you have a retail store
No we don't

Are your products available elsewhere
They are currently available only online.  We are working on making them available elsewhere

When will your products be available in my area
We are working on making them available everywhere and will keep you informed

I have allergies, how to do I check allergens
All allergens are listed on the pack.  Images of these are available online

Do you sell products wholesale
For Business to Business orders please contact or mail - 7042020712 &

Where do I find Ingredients and nutrition information
They are listed on the packets images of which are available online

Are your products vegetarian
Red or Green dots on the product signify if they are

Are your products Vegan
Our products are made in a factory that handles dairy.  We do not label any as Vegan

Are your products Gluten free

How do I leave feedback
Please mail us at -

Got a product idea?  Love to hear from you
Please mail us at

After defrosting how long will my product last
Usually 2 -3 days when stored in a chiller at 4 Deg C. 

I want to become a franchisee how do I apply
Please email us at

I want an order outside delivery times
Please call us at 7042020712

Is your delivery contactless
Yes It is

How do you ship your products
With Dry ice thru a certified shipping company

Do you accept cash on delivery
No we don’t.

I would like to speak to a customer service representative
Please call or mail us at 7042020712 &